Processing thoughts throughout the project

Growing up with afro textured hair kids at school were fascinated by my hair, although there were occasional compliments it often made me feel alienated and different. When I turned around 10 I decided I wanted to have straight hair (after longing for it from a young age) and my mum bought me my first relaxer, a chemical hair straightener, somethings she and most of her siblings had been using for years. Commence years of hair damage, even less self-confidence and years of wearing hair extensions whilst trying to conform to what was ‘body beautiful’ at that age and time.

I decided I wanted to create a series of photographs that would be taken of black women of any age and their natural hair. I wanted to photograph not only their natural hair, but if they happened to wear any wigs or extensions then I would photograph that too. The aim is to create a series of beautiful image that show how beautiful natural hair is. It is to strip back women to their most natural state and get to know them and their insecurities or securities in the process. I began with the intention of photographing as many women as possible, however I soon decided that the intimacy of only photographing a few women and being about to spend more time with them was far more personal.
I wanted to use natural light and a 35mm film camera as I didn’t want the images to feel processed at all. The natural light makes it more earthy and it is more interesting and challenging working with a
light source that you do not have control over.


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