Malaika- 35mm Unedited

Malaika wears wigs on a regular basis and does not show her natural hair. She also does not show her skin on her face without wearing makeup as she believes her skin tone is uneven and ‘undesirable’. When I met her to take the photos she was extremely reluctant to take off her makeup as she has never been makeup-less in front of anyone except her mother and boyfriend in her adult years. When she arrived to meet she was wearing foundation (hoping I wouldn’t notice) and her hair in her wig. I had asked her before meeting to come without her makeup on and to bring the wig (her choice if she came in the wig or just took it off when ready to photograph). On the way to the location I asked if she would take her makeup off and her face dropped. It shocked me to hear how insecure she felt without her makeup. She explained that she would feel uncomfortable to go her short journey home fresh-faced.


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