Talking to the women

Zahra has had her hair natural
in dreadlocks for years. She
went through the experience
of chemically straightening her
hair until she realised that she
was actually damaging a part
of her and changing herself.
She is not part of the ‘natural
hair scene’ and doesn’t have any
social or political views regarding
her hair. She has grown
with her hair and see’s it as just
another part of her body that
deserves to be cared for.

Nona used to wear wigs for
aesthetic purposes but has recently
decided to stop wearing
them and begin to grow and
look after her natural hair. She
has grown to accept her natural
hair and is learning to connect
with it more and is in the
process of working out how to
wear it.

Malaika wears wigs as she does

not like the way her natural hair
looks, although she says she also
wears wigs for maintenance. When
talking to Malaika I learnt that she
is afraid of seeing her natural self
and I was astonished when she
was scared to remove her makeup.
She is a beautiful girl yet she feels
she is not beautiful if she does not
conform to a certain level of western
beauty. Malaika wants embrace
her natural state in the future but
doesn’t know when she’ll have the
strength to take the first steps. It
was really interesting to be a part
of an experience with her as she
removed her makeup and took off
her wig. Although she was uncomfortable
their was a sense of enlightenment
and optimistic.


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