Testing ways to exhibit the work. Layout, image cropping etc

I chose this image to be in
large format as the image of
her looking out at the water
feels like she is connected to
the water. Though her back
is turned she is comfortable
removing herself from social
expectations and continues to
head in the direction of purity.

Again I chose these particular
images because of
the serenity throughout the
images. Zahra feels strength
in having her hair natural
and feels it is the only way
she could be.

I chose these particular images
as I believe they too reflect
the personalilty of Malaika.
The images of her with
her wig seem more passive
compared to the powerful
images when she has taken
her wig off. The light on the
top on Malaikas head with
her natural hair looks like a
halo and her head tilted up
towards the light suggests
freedom and serenity.



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