Final Outcome 1- Combs

For the second outcome I designed and laser cut four different comes, deciding on three
as the finals. I used a 6mm plywood. I used details from some of the combs I had seen in my research to create similar patterns and shapes to those found in ancient hand carved combs. I used the three symbols as features of the combs on the handles. I could imagine the combs to be exhibited at a gallery on a plinth, perhaps being stood up using
hair glue similar to the images. I could also see these combs being custom made to be sold at specialist events such as art events or maybe events similar promoting/ embracing black culture, such as the ‘Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow’ event.

The combs could be displayed alongside thegirls that I had photographed and could represent the journey or present situation of each girl. If I were to match them up for an exhibition I would match: Nona: Strength Malaika: Beauty Zahra: Loyalty as these symbols reflect the stages that I feel they are each in.


12cob 3cob 2cob 1


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