The aim for the project was to create a piece or pieces of work that spoke about black afro hair. The idea was to embrace, rather than expose
natural hair. When I first began to decide on an outcome I decided I wanted it to be a photography based project. Each photograph that I have
taken of each girl has been significant in producing the outcome. The process of going out and taking the photographs, setting up the position
of the girl, choosing the time to shoot, choosing and finding the setting for the background and communicating with each girl photographed
has shaped the way that the images have been taken and developed. Finding out from a face to face perspective someone’s insecurities and
feelings towards themselves as an individual and their consciousness as part of a racial or social culture became research and documentation
within itself. Throughout the process I experimented a lot by just creating images as reactions to thoughts that I have processed when taking
photographs, researching and communicating. The final photographs were a reflection of what I felt were the significant moments throughout
out the process and reflected the emotions and aesthetic of the women.
The project enabled me develop my abilities using film and digital photography. It has given me personal experiences with the women being
photographed. Finding out from a personal face to face perspective their insecurities, their feelings towards themselves as an individual and
their consciousness as part of a racial or social culture. Creating a folio of images from different women that I do not know has helped with
technical abilities, professional abilities. I have learnt the importance of attention to detail, thinking about the background more deeply and
choosing the water as a backdrop gave the images much more depth and meaning and made the photos more spiritual and emotional. I believe
that the combs and the concept behind them using the symbolism links the well with the book and photographic outcome as it becomes instantly
recognizable what the piece is about. I think in a professional exhibition atmosphere the images and combs would work well beside each
other and could almost become story telling by pairing the different symbols with the different women’s beliefs and experiences. I have learnt
that to keep consistency within a series of work you need to pay attention to detail as I came to find when the two girls Pauline and Shirley’s
images lacked continuity because of the location they were taken and the time of day. If I were to continue the project which I plan to I’d maybe
utilize this and use a lot of varied locations so that there was continuity in the composition rather than the colours and lighting. Overall I think
that the project was successful in fulfilling the brief and I can imagine the images and the combs displayed in a gallery. The project has developed
my work in many ways. Because this became such a big project I believe it was successful in refining and editing down all my ideas to
reflect the concept in an interesting and contained way. The book gives an insight into each girl as well as focusing on the hair, which is drawn
together with the text. I chose not to add a title to the book as I wanted the inside text to act as a title and to be interpreted against the images.
Within my wider practice this project felt more personal to the other two projects for my FMP. It gave me the chance to explore and experiment
with my thoughts and feelings and put them into my work, this rounded off the FMP as a whole as I got to do a big project that was more
self-expression alongside two other projects that were more controlled and less conceptual.


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